Hello! At Real Family Journey we are committed to supporting our readers on their journey to a more compassionate life. We want to continue to spread the message of veganism, simple living, gentle parenting. self-love and life learning.

If you have a product, brand or business that you feel will enrich the lives of our viewers then please feel free to contact us for a collaboration. We will, however, only work with businesses that stay true to our beliefs. Our customer trust is the most important thing to us and we will not promote anything that we do not wholeheartedly believe in ourselves.

We particularly enjoy working with new, upcoming businesses and blogs as we ourselves were shown so much love when we started out. We understand the importance of supporting and befriending the new businesses as well as the well established. We are dedicated to bringing the best service to our followers which is why we deem quality collaborations more important than financial gainful ones. So, please no matter where you are in your journey feel free to contact us and share your ideas.

We are open to product reviews, blog or YouTube collaborations. interviews and Q&A sessions. We can include your ingredients in recipes on our blog or work with you to give you recipe ideas for your business. We will happily attend events, become brand ambassadors or just share your business on our social media if we feel it is appropriate for our viewers. Or if you have any further ideas we are open to discussing those too!

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Paul is a professional photographer who has had a very exciting journey before he reached RFJ. Paul studied his degree in Photography and went on to win the prestigious Metro National Student competition. After perfecting his skills in street photography Paul worked as an Official Fuji X Photographer and then landed himself the opportunity to photograph for some of UKs well-loved bands. When Paul became a father he took his foot off the pedal so he could nurture his young children. To keep his creativity ticking over he offered both wedding and family photography. Now as one of the founders of RFJ he is the driving force on the creative look of all of RFJ's social media, blog photographs and YouTube videos. Paul's career has enabled him to work with various styles of photography and he has a clear vision of how to make food look simply beautiful. We are very lucky to have the creative genius and professionalism that Paul brings to RFJ and if this is something you would like to bring to your business then contact us for a quote

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