50 Fun Maths Activities Ebook

50 Fun Maths Activities Ebook


I have some exciting news for you all today. Our fun maths activities ebook is ready for us to share!

As you may know, we have spent the last few months working hard on this baby of ours and we are so proud of how it has turned out.

This little gem of a book is loaded with 50 fun activities to bring joy to your home whilst learning maths. It includes STEAM project ideas, invitations to play and games galore.

As unschoolers, we found it hard to put an age range on the activities in this book as we all learn in so many different ways and at different stages. However, this book is less about curriculum and more about fun and our two loved every single moment of it. Therefore we are confident in labelling this book as suitable for primary aged children.

Each page is accompanied by some parent notes to demonstrate what can be learned by doing these activities and we give examples of how certain challenges can be adapted as your children grow to suit their needs.

And if that’s not enough the book is dotted with fun quotes, facts, recipes and challenges to keep your little ones amused.

We hope you love this book as much as we do! We truly believe that learning should be fun no matter what the subject. May this book bring you and your little ones much joy.

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