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We Went To The National Space Centre!

We Went To The National Space Centre!

I am so excited to share our adventures with you this week. The beauty of home education is that you never know what each week will bring. We flow with our children's passions and curiosities and sometimes find ourselves wrapped up in a world that we never knew existed. This week was no exception. For those of you who have followed us for a while now, you'll be fully aware of how much Fin loves space. I can confidently say that it has been his favourite thing to learn about for at least a year now and he never seems to tire of it. As with all of my children's quests, we get swept along in the excitement of it all and I now find myself staring at the night sky with greater awe than I would ever have done previously.


It is a fact that we are now officially a family of space nerds! With this in mind, I am sure you can understand how thrilled we were to be invited to the National Space Centre in Leicester. They were holding their first Home Education Day and wanted us to let us know our thoughts on the day. Well, Fin practically burst when I told him where we were going! It was a bit of a distance from us so we decided to make a mini break of it and stay in a hotel. The kids were beside themselves with excitement for our fun holiday to space!!

The National Space Centre itself was magnificent. It is a huge place with so many things to see and do. Hands-on activities for all ages and so much information that even us space geeks found so much more to learn about!


The Home Education Day was layered up with key stage relevant activities. They covered key stage 0ne, two and three but since Fin was the biggest of space fans we chose to follow the day through key stage one eyes. The whole day was centred around the Solar System and the first activity was called the Moon Hoax Debate. It was hosted by a very engaging member of staff who spoke in a fun and age-appropriate way whilst giving the arguments for debunking the Moon hoax theory. It was truly fascinating. I learnt so much myself and the passion in which the talk was delivered kept the young kids truly captivated. There was plenty of occasions for the kids to shout out answers or to get involved with the talk.


After the talk on the Moon hoax debate, we simply had to travel up in the rocket lift to see the real piece of the Moon on display. Fin's little cheeks flushed with delight when he realised that he was looking at a real piece of the Moon! It felt incredible to me too. An experience I never thought I would have but I was genuinely moved by being so close to this piece of history.


The next item on our list was a show in the planetarium. Well, I was literally spellbound by this one! It taught the kids all about night and day in a magical and entrancing way. Surrounded by stars in what felt like a moving vessel this experience is one that neither the kids or myself will forget!

There was plenty of time in between the set home education activities to explore the National Space Centre. At every turn, there was something to do. The kid's favourite things were trying to get a ball into a black hole, watching the rocket simulator in the café and travelling up the length of a rocket in the lift. They also loved directing a robot to collect Moon samples, dressing up as scientists and travelling back in time to the various historical points in space exploration history.


The final activity on the agenda was the planets workshop. Again, the staff were so passionate about their topics which became infectious for the little ones. Caught up in the excitement of learning all about their favourite planets it was a perfect way to round off this magical day.


To summarise, the kids had a blast, us oldies learnt so much more than we thought possible and the kids are counting down the days to our next visit! I know we barely scratched the surface on that one trip and we will now be pencilling in a return visit to continue our journey into space!

We did a little video of our day there which you can see by clicking below.

If you too want to visit the space centre or find out a little more about the Home Education Days then here is their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They are planning future Home Education Days as well as a range of family activities. Have a look what’s on https://spacecentre.co.uk/whats-on/ They have a couple of family events coming up such as Gumdrop Sunday (you can help create a 4m high Lego rocket and loads more activities based around Apollo 9) and Brickish Weekend (one of the largest displays of LEGO ever created in the UK).

See you for the next adventure Journey Jellies! 🚀

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