Unschool Log - October 2018

This month has been a blissful celebration of the end of summer. We have been so lucky to have the chance to go away on a mini holiday and fate would have it that it landed on the last few days of warmth and sunshine. For someone who suffers from anxiety in the winter months, it was a welcome extension to the relaxing months.

What did the kids learn that I didn't teach them?

There is no end to the answers of this question this month but I have two words for you Harry and Potter. They have been submerged into a world of spells and wonderment and have learnt so many things along the way. From friendship to bravery, to role play and science these two have covered it all this month. (Our Harry Potter project will be released very soon!) Thanks, JK Rowling for teaching them so much.


What did the kids teach me that I didn't already know?

Well, Pops is a walking fact file for all things animal and let me know this month that the smallest known insect is a wasp known as a fairy fly. Who knew? Both Pops and Fin are loving the Usbourne lift the flap books at the moment and keep surprising me with things I never knew. I think they love to see the surprise on my face! Cheeky monkeys!!

Fin came out with a stonker the other day and declared that a meteor crashed into earth 65 million years ago! My jaw dropped to the floor because I didn't think he even knew numbers that large yet?! When it's about space though he will absorb anything.

What would I have missed most if they were at school?

I would definitely have missed our little break away. It was so much fun and was beautifully quiet as it was during term time. We had the pool to ourselves for an evening swim each day and we even went on a murder mystery trail in the surrounding area, soaking up some of the local history and getting plenty of exercise.

What was the most exciting bit of learning this month?

Holiday, holiday, holiday and Harry Potter. It has been a super exciting month for learning. We have visited the beach, the swimming pool, the place where they filmed some of the Harry Potter movies and even had a Harry Potter Halloween party! We've made potions, wands, quidditch cakes and more. This month has been a fabulous example of the joy of unschooling when you can follow your passions and delve deep into your world of excitement and curiosity. I cannot wait to share the specifics of our project with you soon!

What was the hardest bit about unschooling this month?

I think the hardest bit about unschooling this month was not having enough hours in the day! We have had so much fun crafting, creating and learning but there is still so much we wanted to cram in but physically didn't have the time. If only we didn't need to sleep, imagine the things we could learn!


What was their favourite day out this month?

It's a split decision. Fin said it was the Harry Potter party and Pops said it was the holiday! I think I will always choose beach time over any other activity but to be fair the Harry Potter party was so much fun too. It has to come a very close second. Here is the video of our little tea party and what we got up to.

What were the best books used this month?

Fin has been digging this set of educational books. They cover a range of subjects from geography to science and phonics too. They are full of lovely bright, clear pictures and a real invitation to learn. We've read these a lot this month for sure.

Pops has been dipping into this range of books again, spending hours just looking at the pictures and seeing what tiny bits she can spot that she's missed previously. These are beautiful books and whilst they are not read every single day, when they are opened they are poured over for hours on end and enjoyed just as much as the first time. She has also been on a mega chapter book mission and has been reading nearly a whole book a day! I'm so proud of my little bookworm.

What were the best resources used this month?

I think it would be unfair to say we had used any real tangible resources this month as quite frankly we have been too busy. We have spent a lot of time out and about and crafting so I guess paint has featured quite heavily throughout our project but mostly we have just amused ourselves. The only other thing we have used a fair bit has been our printer as the kids have been doing lots of printing of Harry Potter worksheets and Crayola printables.


What were the most used apps/YouTube videos this month?

It has been all about Pinterest this month. We have all enjoyed researching Harry Potter crafts and cake ideas. You can find our Pinterest boards here if you want to see some of our ideas!

Pops has enjoyed watching the Connie Bell YouTube channel (So have I!) because it is full of Harry Potter merchandise and book reviews. I think when Pops is older she'd love a channel like this herself.

Fin loves watching Blippi! So fun and educational too. (And completely Bonkers!) He is certainly worth a watch for the giggles.

What do the kids want to continue to learn into next month?

Harry Potter!! We are working our way through the books and their Christmas lists are littered with Harry Potter gear. I have a feeling that this obsession will be here to stay for a while.

What new things do the kids want to learn next month?

Fin has declared that he wants to learn about fruits and vegetables. I think he is already pretty clued up about this so we are going to research fruits and veggies from different countries around the world and support this with lots of map work, cooking and arts and crafts.

Pops wants to get her hands into all of the upcoming Christmas crafts and finish reading the series of books that she's started.

This has been one of our favourite months of learning so far. Magic and the seaside, what more could we ask for? We are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you next month but until then you can follow us on our journey on Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Have fun learning!


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