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Unschool log - May 2018

Unschool log - May 2018

Wow! Have we had a colourful month or what?! It has been so much fun. We have had the chance to get away a lot this month and with it has brought a diverse and plentiful set of opportunities for education. There is nothing more freeing than staying in a new environment and having only a pen and paper for resources. It forces you to rely on the world around you to inspire, create and learn from. So without further ado, I bring you the answers to this month's questions.

What did the kids learn that I didn't teach them?

Well, there is so much to choose from this month. As I previously mentioned we had the chance to go away this month. We got the chance to stay in a tiny house with relatives and simply living in that environment taught us all so much. We had to practice compromise, respect, sharing and kindness. The kids learnt how to be quiet when someone was sleeping or working, they learnt to share what small amount of things they had and adapted to the new sounds of the nighttime world around them. Aside from all of these compassionate moments they learnt many things from our days out too.

The running theme that stands out to me most was during several outings the kids were shocked by the interaction between other parents and their children. It became quite apparent that they had not seen children be shouted at by their parents before and soon learnt what living in a calm compassionate home really meant. It was sad to see on more than 5 occasions on our week away, examples of children being smacked, screamed at, dragged around and embarrassed by their parents. Our children were visibly distressed to see these behaviours and we had many discussions throughout the week to ease their discomfort.

These were experiences that I could never have taught. I truly believe that our children understand the importance of compassion to all living beings now more than ever as they witnessed how humiliating it is to have a relationship without it. A sad life lesson to learn I'm afraid but it has made them and their kindness grow stronger.


What did the kids teach me that I didn't already know?

Fin taught me that if you cut a jellyfish in half then it becomes two living jellyfish!!! Obviously, don't ever do it but what a mind-blowing fact! Pops showed me how to turn an old jumper into a dog basket. Shes so cool!!


What would I have missed most if they were at school?

One word. Legoland. Now don't get me wrong, I know you can still take your kids to Legoland if they attend school but when you home educate you get to go during term time which makes waiting for rides a 10-minute thing and on top of that you get cheap entry when you home educate too! No joke. You get access to the park at a fraction of the price if you pre-book with evidence that you are a home educating family.

This was one of our most fun days out of our break away. At the beginning of each year we sit down as a family and research holiday destinations, days out and places to visit and we all choose one that we desperately want to achieve by the end of the year and this was on Fin's hit list. He wasn't disappointed and loved every second of it. (So did all of us!)

What was the most exciting bit of learning this month?

Again, it was Legoland. There was giant lego builds to marvel over, rides to find personal strength and courage for, pirate shows, submarine rides, trains, boats, hot air balloons and even a splash park to educate and have fun with.

What was one of the hardest bits of unschooling this month?

I think the hardest bit about unschooling this month was at the end of the month our car broke! We had gone from spending most of the month out and about and exploring to having to spend the last week struggling to get to classes and being confined to our local area. However, we are back up and running now and ready to explore the world again!

What was their favourite day out this month?

Can you guess it? Of course, it was Legoland. Here is a bunch of photos and a little video to show you just how much fun we had there.


What were the best books used this month?

While we were staying with family the kids were bought this lovely set of books and honestly, they served us so well. They are loaded with amazing images and so many animal facts. They were read every day while we were away and every day since. They are what we like to call 'books for life.'


What were the best learning resources you used this month?

I can't stress enough how simple pen and paper were our best resources this month. We spent so much time exploring the world that all we really needed was a way to journal our experiences. Above is a little video of a day in the life unschooling and it captures a typical day while we were away and it will show you how books, days out and pen and paper were all that we needed. If you like the lego sets in this video that the kids got from Legoland then the links for those are below. They kept them super busy throughout the week too!


What were the most used apps/youtube videos this month?

Pops loves this 5-minute crafts YouTube channel.

Fin has been loving playing this Sago Mini game.

What do the kids want to continue learning into next month?

I think both of the kids are keen to continue journaling. They really enjoyed carrying a book around with them to sketch out pictures or collect bits of nature in. This is a new addition to their education that we will continue with daily.

What new things do the kids want to learn about next month?

Pop wants to learn about orang-utans and Fin wants to learn about steam engines! Bring on the education!

See you next month guys!

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