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Unschool Log - March 2018

Unschool Log - March 2018

This has been a great month of learning. We have thrown ourselves into the world of science and got some fantastic hands-on learning in. Let me tell you all about our adventures. What did the kids learn that I didn't teach them?

Pops learnt how parachutes work. She also practised symmetry while making Hama bead butterflies. Fin learnt how flour is ground in a mill. He also taught himself to draw cups of tea with steam coming out!


What did the kids teach me that I didn't already know?

Pops taught me how to make slime. Fin taught me that there is a ring of asteroids before Jupiter!


What would you have missed most if they went to school?

Their Birthdays. They both would have been expected to attend school as their birthdays fell on weekdays. Instead, we went swimming, watched a space show, went to a museum and had a party!


What was the most exciting bit of learning this month?

Hands down the best part of learning this month was our visit to the Bristol science museum - We Are The Curious. There was endless learning experiences and hands-on experiments to enjoy. It was perfect for all ages (adults included.) We are definitely going to make this a regular visit for our family.


What was the hardest bit about unschooling this month?

The biggest challenge we had with our unschooling this month for Pops was swimming. We had the chance to swim in a pool for a week that was a little deeper than she was used to and it knocked her confidence massively. We had to work on our communication and trust skills so she felt safe enough to swim. She soon learnt that she could trust me to support her when she was out of her depth and by the end of the week she was swimming stronger than she had ever done before. We had many tears at the beginning of the week but by taking things slowly and building up her trust she overcame her fears and I think it brought us even closer together. Well done Pops!


Sometimes it can be frustrating when your child's fear gets in the way of them progressing. Especially when you know how capable they are. Patience is the answer because your child's fear is more real than your frustration. The reality of home education and unschooling, in particular, is that there is no rush to achieve things in a certain time frame. The less pressure put on them the quicker that they will flourish. For example, Fin has struggled a bit with his reading this month. I believe that this is because the books are getting harder. It's less fun when it's not so easy. We decided to slow down the momentum. We have been mixing the ease of the books he's reading to make sure that half of the time he finds the books very easy so he feels that he is doing well and this helps support his confidence. We then worked on the tricky sounds in a fun way. Support your childs learning with love and laughter then it won't seem nearly as tricky. Here's a little video of us doing some phonics. This video was taken right after he said he didn't want to learn any sounds. I think you'll agree he loved the game in the end! (Feel free to skip to 2:12 for the phonics).

What was your best day out this month?

As mentioned above the science museum was the best day out this month. Here are some more photos to show you how magical it was.


What were the most used books this month?

Pops has devoured the entire series of Daisy books by Kes Grey. She has read at least two chapter books a day!

Fins all about the counting this month. He loves this Usbourne count to 100 book.


What were the best learning resources you used this month?

The kids have loved playing with these test tubes and pipettes in the bath. Learning all about liquid measurements. Fin has used this abacus every day and has supported his counting to 100 book.

What YouTube videos/Apps have been used most this month?

Pops has recently started a home education Spanish class and has been using Duolingo Spanish to supports this. Fin is loving the kid's national geographic app and loves me telling him all of the funny animal facts.

What would the kids like to continue learning into next month?

Pops wants to get more swimming practice in and try and conquer her fear of underwater swimming.

Fin wants to continue his subtraction and addition practice. He wants to get more of these cubes so he can count to one million! I didn't think we can get that many cubes Fin!

What new topics do the kids want to learn about next month?

Pops wants to learn how to dye fabrics which came about after a beetroot incident.

Fin would like to learn how sand is made. I feel a beach trip coming on. Yay!

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