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Unschool log - April 2018

Unschool log - April 2018

This has been my favourite month of the unschooling year so far. I think that's partly down to the increase in weather temperature, allowing us to get out and about a bit more but also because we have made many new friends this month. Its just been the kind of month that clicks. (Plus we went to the beach which makes everything better right?) So without further ado, onto our monthly questions...

What did the kids learn that I didn't teach them?

Pops learnt how to do a helicopter street dance move. Very impressive it is too!

Fin taught himself how to write Tesco. I couldn't believe it when he walked in with a Tesco shopping list that he had written out himself! Spelt perfectly too Fin, well done!

What did the kids teach me that I didn't already know?

Pops taught me that crocodiles grow teeth up to 50 times and Fin taught me that hot water is heavier than cold water. Apparently, its because heat holds more energy. This fact blew me away. The kids had been reading the Usborne lift the flap General Knowledge book together and taught me many things that I didn't already know.


What would I have missed most if they were at school?

For me, one of the most special moments I would have missed out on this month was the chance for a term time get away to the coast. It was exactly what we all needed to regroup as a family. We had the chance to get active outdoors, eat lots of comforting family meals and chat long into the evenings together. It was pure bliss.

What was the most exciting bit of learning this month?

Ok, so there is a running theme to these answers but learning on the beach was so fantastic. We found waterfalls, rock pools, sea glass, shells, sea plants and even crabs. What could be more fun than that? We also learnt how to work as a family when we went for a 3-mile walk down the beach and then had to walk 3 miles back in the rain as the heavens opened up! It took a lot of singing, races and talks of warm food to get us all back to the car at top speed but we are all the stronger for it now!


What was one of the hardest moments of unschooling this month?

Hmmm, this is a tricky one this month as I'm still totally blissed out from our break away. It's hard to remember any challenging times. I guess the long rainy walk was definitely hard at the time and Fin got quite upset near the end but when we were all wrapped up eating warm soup and giggling about the bad weather timing it turned into one of the happiest memories of this month. Long may the happy time's reign, not rain! He He!


What was their favourite day out this month?

I think they both agree the holiday was their favourite in general but I think their most favourite day was when they attended a children's disco in the evening and Fin won a certificate for the best dancer at musical statues! (Proud mummy moment.) They both enjoyed burning off some energy on the dance floor. Needless to say, they slept very well that night. (Happy mummy moment!)

What were the best books you used this month?

Fin got this National Geographic book about space for Easter and it is so beautiful. It contains so many more facts and images that the other space books suitable for his age too. This meant he could expand his learning much further than the usual child planet books allowed.

Pops has fallen in love with these Felicity Wishes books written by Emma Thomson. She is devouring them quite quickly so we will need to get the rest of the series pretty promptly!


What were the best learning resources you used this month?

We got some lovely puzzles for the children this month. Fin has been loving this space puzzle which has supported his passion for all things space. Poppy has been enjoying this Science game. It is so lovely to sit down and do a puzzle or play a game with the kids as they are such calming activities to do together. It's lots of fun when you finish too, talking about the images that they have created or what they have learnt. They get a real sense of achievement.

They have also been obsessed with building with Magformers. It's so versatile and simple to use. It led on to a good few hours of learning about magnets. They have this set of learning resources which I think was a little too grown up for Fin but perfect for Pops. I think we will be doing a lot more on magnets in the future with these sets in the house.


What were the most used apps/YouTube videos this month?

They have both loved listening to this song on YouTube which has supported their recent start at Spanish class. Pops has also been practising her grade 2 ballet class with these videos too.

The most used app this month has been the BBC Bitesize App. We've enjoyed browsing topics for inspiration with new projects to try. Pops really likes their help with writing your own story section.


What do the kids want to continue learning into next month?

Pops would like to continue exploring writing her own stories. She is also loving Spanish class too so she wants to expand on her vocabulary there too. Fin would like to continue his art book journal. He has a large sketch pad that he is using to draw everyone he knows and every food he eats.

What new things do the kids want to learn about next month?

Pops said she would like to learn about land mammals in more detail and Fin said he wants to do as much Lego as he can as we are heading to Legoland next month! Watch this space...

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