Pinecone Craft


I have a super speedy craft for you today guys!

It is so lovely to find natures gifts and turn them into something magical for your home to cherish at Christmas time. Every year we have pine cones on our Christmas tree and my favourite bit of the whole process is going on a big nature walk to find our chosen ones.

Getting outside in the cool crisp air for plenty of exercise and a treasure hunt to boot. What more could your kids ask for? Both of my two adore nature walks anyway but love taking their buckets with them to collect leaves, sticks and pine cones.

When we get home we allow the pine cones to dry out and open up and then we can get on to the messy bit…glitter!!

What you will need:

  • Paint

  • PVA glue

  • Glitter


  1. Simply mix a 50/50 mixture of paint and glue. Dip or brush the tips of your pine cones into the paint and (gently) sprinkle with glitter. (My kids didn't get the gently memo but anyhoo!)

  2. Allow to dry and place in the branches of your Christmas tree or in a bowl by the fireplace. It really is that easy!

As with all of the crafts we share with you, we ask you to make sure that they are age appropriate for your little ones. Never leave them alone with items they can choke on or use sharp or unsafe objects during play. Stay safe little Journey Jellies.

Have a fabulous time on your nature walk and have a very merry Christmas!

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