Our first ebook is here!

I can’t believe that this day has finally come. The day when I can say loud and proud that we’ve written a book. A beautiful cookbook that I can’t wait to share with you all.

This book has been a labour of love. Hours and hours have gone into these recipes. From the simple ideas in the beginning to the making and taste testing to get each and every recipe just perfect for you all.

I am so grateful to my family for all of their support in the making of this book. Without Daddy Journey, the photos and technical side of things would never have been achieved. Without my amazing and very talented brother, we would never have been able to bring you such a creative piece of writing.

My beautiful weegans and my super amazing mum have allowed me to spend hours in the kitchen with no complaints eager to taste test every offering without bias. Without them, our recipes wouldn’t have been through such rigorous testing and have pushed me to strive for the best of the best for you all to enjoy.

This book is full of over 50, whole food plant-based recipes. They are all oil free and refined sugar-free and are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. None of these recipes have been seen before on our blog. Everything is brand new for the exclusive book owners eyes only.

So, if you are after a wide selection of delicious and health-giving meal ideas from bread to biscuits, from breakfast to dinner and everything in between then this is the book for you.

Thank you all for the love you show us each day. Your kindness and support are appreciated more than you know.