Minted Vegetable Casserole and Herby Dumplings

You know there are just those days when you need comfort food? It is usually in the cooler months but sometimes when you're feeling tired, run down or just really blooming hungry you get a craving for a huge bowl of steaming, home cooked food. This is the recipe for you for when you are feeling the need for a hug from the inside. It is so warming, delicious and bursting with mouth-watering flavours, I promise you, you won't be disappointed by this little piece of slow-cooked heaven. I have always been a fan of a good casserole. Even pre-vegan. I was concerned that after starting on a plant-based diet that these types of meals which usually centre around meaty flavours would somehow be lacking. Boy, was I wrong! The combination of the minted gravy along with the tender dumplings leave you feeling fully satiated. The removal of meat and dairy from this dish helps you feel light after eating. I think this dish would be the perfect meal to feed to both vegans and nonvegans alike and would make a great transition meal for people at the beginning of their journey as you really don't miss the meat at all!

This meal calls for a slow cooker but I am sure you could cook this recipe gently on a hob in a heavy bottomed pan also. The beauty about slow cooking your food is that when you return from your adventures outside you are welcomed home to a blanket of beautiful aromas. It draws you in and warms the cockles of your heart. Slow cooking is practised in the art of Hygge and really does allow you to savour the whole experience from preparation to the sensory joy of the cooking and eating. And a slightly less romantic and cosy reason that I love slow cooking is that it is all in one pot and requires minimal washing up at the end! Ha Ha!

Now, to the recipe...

Minted vegetable casserole & herby dumplings



  • 4 carrots

  • 1 swede

  • 2 onions

  • 1 tsp rosemary

  • 1 tsp thyme

  • 1 tsp sage

  • 2 tsp mint sauce

  • 2 tsp mint jelly

  • 1 cup frozen peas

  • 2 cups cauliflower

  • 2 pints vegan gravy


  • 2 cups flour (you can use white or wholemeal or a mixture of both, we used wholemeal)

  • 2 tsp dried sage

  • 2 tsp onion granules

  • 2 tbsp vegan butter

  • few tbsp filtered water

  • seasoning to taste

  1. To make the casserole peel and chop all of your vegetables (except the peas and cauliflower) and pop them into your slow cooker.

  2. Pour over your gravy, mint sauces and herbs.

  3. Slow cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 7-8 or until your vegetables are soft and tender.

  4. Prepare your dumplings by crumbling together your flour, herbs and butter together and then season.

  5. Add 1 tbsp of water at a time while combining the ingredients until you have a very light and soft dough.

  6. Roll into small balls. (They will grow!)

  7. Add your cauliflower and dumplings 45 minutes before the end of your cooking time and your peas 15 minutes before the end.

  8. Turn your dumplings once during their cooking time.

  9. Serve with crusty bread or mashed potatoes.

I really hope this recipe brings you and your family as much comfort and joy as it has ours. Let us know how you get on and don't forget to tag us in on your photos on the socials. We love to see pictures of your food too!

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