Little Mermaid Book Basket

I haven't convinced myself since the age of 7 that I must be a mermaid because I like swimming, glitter, the ocean and the colour blue…honest! Jokes aside I am a crazy mermaid fan and as soon as I see anything ocean related I am all over it and suggesting another craft that is blue and sparkly. Luckily for Pops, she is lala for mermaids too so she doesn't have to humour my suggestions too much. We both love watching Disneys 'The Little Mermaid' and as soon as I found this modern day picture book version I knew I had to get it.

This story is part of a series centred around the main character who is the best hairdresser in all of the land. Throughout this series of books, she works her way through all of the most love fairytales whilst styling hair and solving problems. The modern-day heroine of the books. This particular story runs along a similar line to the original tale and the fairytale hairdresser helps the little mermaid to overthrow the sea witch and get the love of the prince. (All with fabulous hairdos of course!)

Both of the kids loved this tale and it was made all the more fun by filling their book basket with familiar toy characters to help role play throughout the reading. As with all things mermaid, it simply wouldn't be right to not add a little glitter into the mix so I supported the books and characters with play-doh, sparkles and hairdressing accessories too. Pops loved doing the dolls hair and giving her a sparkly tail. It was a lovely way to reinforce the storyline of this much-loved tale. I am sure we will revisit this book basket again in the not so distant future.

What you will need:

Pop all of your supporting story items into a little basket and watch their faces light up when they are greeted with this invitation at breakfast time. Enjoy!!

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