Halloween Sensory Play

Hubble Bubble toil and trouble…

What a fun and colourful way to get hands on this Halloween. There's no better way to get into the spooky swing of things than getting messy, making witches potions. Eyeball soup anyone?

We love sensory play in our household. The kids will spend literally hours in their quiet messy worlds. Most of the sensory tables we play with usually end up turning into play centred around food. The moment they begin to add in saucepans and cups you know you're in for a barrage of crazy 'food' offerings from them which is why I think this table was such a hit. The kids got really creative with this bag of tricks and came up with some impressively gruesome potion ideas, I can tell you. The joy on their faces at making me squirm was a pleasure to see. Who can come up with the worst flavour witches soup to make mummy pull funny faces?

Sensory play is not only loads of fun and perfect role play but it has therapeutic qualities too. Even a simple half an hour can tame a once over wired child into a quiet and curious little angel once more. This morning was no exception. The kids were bickering with one another for a solid hour before the light bulb went off and I decided to set up this fun play station for them. Harmony was restored! The quiet time and the sensory feelings helped them work through their troubles and relax with each other once again. Phew!!

If you'd like a slice of the action then this is what you'll need:

To set up, simply soak your water beads as per their instructions. It usually takes around 6-24 hours to get them nice and big so factor this into your timings.

Line your tray with a white liner, this will really help your colours seem super bright without the need of food colourings.

Decorate your sensory area with eyeballs, snakes, frogs and spiders.

Pop your saucepans, spoons and test tubes around your sensory area to see where your child's creativity takes them!

Have fun with this one guys but be warned, there will be a lot of beads rolling around on the floor so make sure you cover any areas with mats or towels that you wish to protect.

Let us know what your favourite sensory play ideas are. We are always on the hunt for more small worlds and messy play tray themes. Better still, tag us into your photos on social media so we can follow your fun journey too!

As with all our craft ideas we share with you, please make sure you only give your child age-appropriate play items and stay with them at all times while playing with small items that could be a choking hazard.

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