Halloween Pumpkin Painting


I am totally getting into the Halloween groove this year. In previous years I have been known to come kicking and screaming into the cooler months, refusing to let go of the summer vibes but right now I'm fully embracing all of the magical moments that autumn brings.

This little craft came about after we spent a weekend as a family sharing a cold and feeling under the weather. We put our thinking caps on and came up with this simple craft idea to distract ourselves from the snotty lacklustre of being ill. We made a family vlog that day too so go check it out. You can see what craziness we got up to before chilling out and painting these little beauties. For those of you who have already seen the vid then don't forget to let us know which pumpkin is your favourite!


So, with this craft, we decided to use regular children's poster paint to make this as safe as possible for little ones. However, feel free to use acrylic paint if you prefer. To ensure that your poster paint doesn't crack you'll need to make a 50/50 mixture of poster paint and PVA glue. As an added option if you want shiny pumpkins you can finish off with a glossy modge podge or varnish. (If using varnish then make sure this is only handled by adults.)

What you'll need:

How to:

  • Mix up your choice of colours with your glue. 50/50 ratio.
  • Go wild with your designs.
  • Tag us in and share your photos of your fabulous designs!

I highly recommend this craft. It involves design, creativity, sensory, science and art. It is fun for all ages and can be painted in any way you choose. Scary or not scary, the choice is yours!!

We are saving ours for our upcoming Halloween tea party. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for front row seats of our little Halloween get together and if you don't want to miss out on our upcoming Halloween crafts and recipes then be sure to subscribe to our blog. It's free for you and we love being able to share all our latest adventures with you. Have a fabulous day and happy painting!

As with all of the crafts we share with you, we ask you to make sure that they are age appropriate for your little ones. Never leave them alone with items they can choke on or use sharp or unsafe objects during play. Stay safe little Journey Jellies.

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