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Halloween Orchard Toys Game Review

Halloween Orchard Toys Game Review

I can't believe that it's this time of year again already! I have welcomed the change of season with an open heart but still have to pinch myself when I see the shops filling up with Halloween and even Christmas items? Don't get me wrong, I love the festive seasons as much as the next person but things seem to move so fast nowadays. I guess I'm still holding on to the thoughts of summer drinks and floaty lilos!

We've never really been big Halloween fans in our household. Even as a child I don't think I had the urge to follow tradition and go trick or treating. Both of our two are scared of all of the spooky costumes hanging up at the local shops so I know they aren't bothered about that side of things either. However, each year they do get caught up in the excitement of the event and ask to do something to mark the occasion. This usually comes in the form of a Halloween tea party and games and this year is no exception.

So, we have started our planning and you will be drip fed all of our lovely craft ideas over the upcoming days and weeks but today's post is about the entertainment for our family party. We are all huge fans of the Orchard Toys, games and puzzles and when we found these spooky-themed games we knew we had struck gold. They are age appropriate and full of the cutest Halloween creatures. I'm confident we won't be hearing of any bad dreams this year. To top it all off they are educational too, what more can you ask for I hear you say!

We have spent the last couple of evenings playing these games so we can give you an accurate review of them. We've had so much fun and I was completely surprised by which game the kids voted as their favourite. They both got to practice their maths skills in a fun and relaxing way and the giggles, oh, the giggles made every penny of these worth it for our Halloween tea party treat.

Let's talk you through the games…

Spooky Steps

This game is a game of holding your nerve. You have to make a wild stab in the dark (excuse the pun) as to what cards are coming up next and decide when to stop picking them up. If you pick up a ghost you have to move backwards instead of forwards. It really does get you excited when you're turning the cards and helps you to practise a little restraint.

The back of the box states that this game has been designed to:

  • Encourage observation and strategic thinking
  • Develop social communication
  • Link with early learning goals
  • Link with national curriculum Maths Key Stage 1
  • Teach the use of number in meaningful context

This game is aimed at age 4+ My children are 4 and 8 and they both understood the concept well and had a huge amount of enjoyment from it. It was fun for us grown-ups too! The kids gave this game 8/10 and they are excited to play it when they are dressed up at Halloween. This game requires 2-4 players.

Magic Maths

This game is one centred around collecting your gruesome items to go into your cauldron. It involves sums including adding, subtraction and multiplication. Then, when you think you know the answer you rub the magic star to reveal the number underneath to find out if you were right! Now, anyone, who knows us will already be aware that maths is a touchy subject around Pops. However, she literally begged us to play this a second and third time despite it being past her bedtime. Shocked doesn't cover it, I tell you. We had to partner up with Fin to help him through some of the trickier sums but we gave him the skills to work most of them out on his own and when he got it right he was so proud of himself! They both voted this their favourite of the two games and gave it 9/10 only because they love their beloved 'What a Performance' game more. So, if you have any kids that hate maths but love Halloween then this is just the ticket. Tried and tested by our two and we are all looking forward to playing this one again on Halloween night.

The back of the box states that this game will:

  • Develop addition and subtraction skills
  • Support first multiplication
  • Encourage observational skills

The game is aimed at age 5-7 years and requires 2-4 players. It is a very simple game to play that doesn't take as long as the first so it is great for those with a short attention span. The sum cards also make it possible for children to play a round by themselves, trying to collect their favourite cauldron items by getting the sums correct.

I hope we've inspired those of you who want to stay wrapped up all warm and cosy this year and spend a little bit of not too spooky family time together. We'd love to hear of any fun Halloween traditions that you all follow. Maybe you will help spark some ideas for next year!

If you too are wanting to keep things low key and family friendly this year then why not check out the healthy Halloween feast we had last year! It is spookily tasty!! Sorry, I couldn't resist at least one cheeky ghost, I mean joke..ahem!

We are not sponsored by Orchard Toys, we are giving our true family opinion on these items.

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