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DIY Halloween Lanterns

DIY Halloween Lanterns

There's no excuses for not making some of these amazing lanterns this Halloween. Quick, cheap but so impressive! www.realfamilyjourney.com #halloween #lanterns #craft #unschool

This craft has turned out to be one of my favourites of the Halloween season so far! They are so beautiful when they are lit up with the candles inside and I'm genuinely excited to have these on the fireplace at Halloween time. (I may even have to put together a Christmas lantern craft too so that I can enjoy their relaxing glow for even longer!)

Now, aside from the aesthetics, the kids had so much fun making these. It doesn't take long to complete this craft giving that quick satisfaction of achievement. The lanterns seem to come to life when the white glue dries clear. They suddenly become vibrant and suitably impressive. Both the kids and I felt very proud of ourselves afterwards.

I love that this craft is centred around recycling old glass jars. I have a huge cupboard full of jars that I found just too beautiful or useful to throw away and I get very excited every time I get to put them to good use.

So, on to what you will need to produce your own Halloween lanterns:


  1. Draw your chosen Halloween designs on to your black paper and cut out the shapes carefully.
  2. Cut your tissue paper colours into small squares approximately 2-3 inches in size.
  3. Stick your tissue paper squares onto the outside of your jar making sure to seal the top of each square in a layer of glue also. (Try to keep the amount of tissue you put on your jar quite thin to allow the light to shine through it easily.)
  4. When your jar is fully covered with a thin layer of tissue paper and glue stick on your black Halloween silhouette shapes.
  5. Allow to dry upside down. (Always pop your jars onto greaseproof paper so the colour doesn't come out of your tissue paper and dye your worktops/fabrics etc)

When they are fully dry, pop a battery operated tealight candle inside your jars and step back in wonder of the masterpiece you have created!

As with all of the crafts we share with you, we ask you to make sure that they are age appropriate for your little ones. Never leave them alone with items they can choke on or use sharp or unsafe objects during play. Stay safe little Journey Jellies.

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