Christmas Scented Play Dough


If you want happy children, mess-free hours of play and a room that smells of Christmas then this is the craft idea for you!

This craft is a lovely open-ended play idea. What starts with a simple Christmas sensory play tray may end up in cafe role play or Christmas themed maths. The choices are endless and can allow your child to lead you through their learning journey seamlessly from one thing to the next.

Our best ever play dough recipe is taste safe making it the perfect play for all ages but be warned this Christmas version of the dough smells so good that they may be fooled into thinking that it is dessert! (Always be present when little ones are playing with it.)

What can kids get from play dough?

  • You may be very surprised to know that play dough is an excellent way to strengthen handwriting skills. Strengthening muscle memory and dexterity whilst practising fine motor skills making it the perfect exercise for those wanting to neaten up their writing.

  • It allows children to observe, hypothesis, experiment and make conclusions.

  • It is relaxing and helps strengthen nerve connections in the brain. Supporting their understanding of their sensory boundaries and creating safe exploration into the unknown.

  • It develops imagination and is a useful tool in any role play game.

  • Supports design, creativity and engineering.

  • Senses help build memories. A smell can take you back to a certain time for instance. In the future, certain triggers will help support their flashback memory to happy times.

  • It helps build the understanding of sensory attributes. For example, cold, rough, sticky, smooth etc

  • Play dough can support language development, problem-solving, social interaction and cognitive growth.

And you just thought your kids were playing with play dough? Who knew right? Well, now you can feel content that an hour or two submerged into the world of play dough is giving your kids so much more that just a few minutes of fun. It is an integral part of their learning journey and should be honoured and explored with gusto.

Now, onto this beautiful sensory idea...


What you will need:

Loose parts:


  1. Make up our best ever play dough recipe and add the spices into the dry bowl before combining.

  2. Serve up with your loose parts and tools and enjoy!!

Let us know what your favourite play dough ideas are. We'd love to feature them on the blog too!!

As with all of the crafts we share with you, we ask you to make sure that they are age appropriate for your little ones. Never leave them alone with items they can choke on or use sharp or unsafe objects during play. Stay safe little Journey Jellies.

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