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bakeydoesntbake interview

bakeydoesntbake interview

I am so excited to be writing out this blog post today. There's is nothing we love more than connecting with you guys and supporting fellow vegans and their upcoming businesses and today is no exception. We feel so blessed every day with the support all of our followers give us and recently we made friends with a lovely fellow vegan blogger who has kindly agreed to chat with you guys and share some of her vast knowledge of vegan products. Sammy is the founder of bakeydoesntbake.com. Her business originally started as an Instagram account where she would share her vegan finds, happily sharing the message of how easy it is to be vegan in this day and age. She has a passion for vegan makeup and aside from all of the food products and restaurant reviews she also has a great section pointing people in the right direction for all things vegan beauty.

After discussing ideas with Sammy we realised that there are a lot of people out there questioning veganism. Some people may be feeling tempted to try it but feel overwhelmed by the fear of missing out on their favourite foods. (I know I did in the beginning!) We decided a Q & A would be a great place for newbies to hear about all of the great products out there and for us fully fledged vegans to expand our knowledge of the ever-growing vegan product list available to us.

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How long have you been vegan?

I’ve been vegan since January 2017. Not a tremendous amount of time but when I hit that one year mark, I couldn’t quite believe it, I couldn’t be prouder.

What made you decide to go vegan?

Veganism came to me initially for selfish reasons. Late 2016 I started having dietary issues so gave up dairy and some other animal-based products after being left bloated daily. I then fully read about the meat and dairy industry and decided I couldn’t partake in any of it any longer, so I took part in Veganuary for support and here I am today!

What made you decide to start up bakeydoesntbake?

bakeydoesntbake started as an Instagram account to share vegan snacks I’d found and dishes to show veganism doesn’t have to be all salads and supplements. I then realised I wanted to say a lot more, so I started up my blog and started rambling away!

You have a fantastic beauty section on the blog. What are your top 10 beauty products?

Thank you! – It’s just the mere beginning! As someone who is passionate about makeup, I knew I needed a beauty section on my blog. My top 10 (in no particular order!):

  1. Kat Von D’s Shade + Light eyeshadow palette
  2. Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks
  3. NYX Pore Filler
  4. NYX Matte Liquid Liner
  5. Sleek Matte Me lipsticks
  6. Buddha Beauty Neroli Moisturiser
  7. Ways Gone By Grapefruit Body Scrub
  8. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer
  9. Makeup Revolution HD Pro Amplified Palette Mega Matte
  10. Gosh Lumi Drops in Vanilla

What ingredients do people need to be aware of when avoiding non-vegan cosmetics? And is there some way of knowing what’s vegan and what’s not?

There are SO many, I still haven’t learnt everything. One of the strangest ones to me has always been carmine which is actually crushed up insects, all to get colouring for products, mainly lippy!

One of the best ways to learn is to do some research before purchasing a product. Take a look on logicalharmony.net too for a vegan brand list, absolute lifesaver!

Are there any beauty salons offering vegan treatments?

Yes, Buddha Beauty in Manchester does, along with selling lovely vegan products online too! Find my review of their Neroli Moisturiser here.

You obviously have a fantastic knowledge of what vegan food products are on the market out there. Many people worry about going vegan because they don’t want to miss out on their favourite foods. For example, cheese, milk, pizza, burgers, etc. What advice would you give to these people?

I felt exactly that way to begin with and it’s daunting, it almost feels like you’re giving up everything.

Start off gradually, find a good plant-based milk to use in your tea/coffee, smoothies and cereal. Everyone is different, for a safe start I would recommend Oatly Barista in hot drinks (no curdling!) and almond milk for the rest.

Try out some nooch (nutritional yeast), get addicted to its cheesiness. Add it to pasta and before long you will be tipping it on everything.

Slowly give up cheese. Introduce vegan cheese but don’t expect it to be an identical taste. A good brand to start with is Violife, easy to find in large supermarkets now and online and it has good taste, most of them are meltable too!

I have a whole blog post on vegan substitutes, an Instagram feed full of vegan treats and am always happy to chat with people to suggest replacements.

We love the review section on your blog. What are your top 10 must have vegan food products that you’ve tried over the years?

Ooh, that’s a difficult one. There’s a new product every week! Here’s my current top 10:

  1. Swedish Glace Caramel Toffee Ice Cream Cones
  2. Marks & Spencer Coconut and Cocoa Drink – Read my review here
  3. Plantifull Creamy Mac – Read my review here
  4. Pret’s new Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie
  5. Rhythm 108 Sweet ‘n’ Salty Almond bar – Read my review here
  6. Trek Cocoa Oat Protein Flapjack
  7. Pulsin Orange Choc Chip Protein Booster
  8. Jackfruit – This product is so versatile!
  9. Nakd. Posh Bits in Cocoa Sea Salt
  10. Creative Nature Salted Caramel Flapjack

You even review restaurants on your blog! Where are the best places to eat out when you’re vegan?

An easy one is chain restaurants such as Prezzo, Zizzi’s and Ask Italian, they all have vegan menus now! I have a section on my blog for eating out vegan which includes a lot of independent places along with chains. I would also highly recommend using Happy Cow, there is a search function so you can see restaurants nearby that have vegan options.

Is there any product (beauty or food) or restaurant that you haven’t tried yet that you’re eager to review?

There are so many, the list could go on forever! Here’s just a few I think everyone should be checking out, be it online or getting to their store:

  • The Spread Eagle in East London – London’s first 100% vegan pub
  • Nomads Food – This Surrey based food stall are serving up some amazing dishes, check out their Instagram for major food envy
  • Slab Artisan Fudge – This fudge company have a fully vegan range and oh my, it looks phenomenal!
  • VX London – Vegan junk food at it’s finest. From cheesy chips to cake, they’ve got everything to satisfy your cravings.
  • Sisters of Good Habits Mac n’ – Described as dairy-free mac for the masses… I need their food in my life!
  • Kat Von D Lock It Liquid Foundation – All I’ve heard is good things about this product, even the packaging is stunning!
  • Buddha Beauty Lemongrass and Bergamot Cleanser – Not only does the scent sound lovely but I haven’t had a cream cleanser in a LONG time, this is on my ‘to purchase’ list

Thank you so much Sammy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions for our viewers. If you want any further product ideas from Sammy then you can find her here, here and here.

Feel free to contact us if you have a business or a blog that you feel our viewers would be interested in. We will happily collaborate with you to help spread the message of veganism, home education, minimalism or any relevant family-friendly topic you feel passionate about.

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