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Autumn Sensory Table

Autumn Sensory Table

I did not expect this sensory table to go down quite as well as it did but boy, oh boy, this has to be one of the most played with sensory play ideas we have ever done. I kid you not!

Both of my two have always been big into sensory play and small world trays. It seems to send them into their own worlds and we find it is a great way to relax them and settle them after a full day of craziness. We had been meaning to do this tray for the last few weeks but one thing or another seemed to get in the way. After a crazy day of outdoor play, arts and crafts and plenty of bickering I decided last night was the perfect time to try and regain some composure and calm.

We set up the tuff spot tray at about 4 pm and we literally had to drag them away from it at 9 pm! It was an incredibly late night but I didn't want to take them away from the worlds that they had created. They both played quietly and contentedly and begged me to keep it there for them to play with the next morning.

The beauty of this style of play is that it is so versatile. You can create any small world or play adventure that you like. You can change it depending on what topics you are covering or simply make it an easy bit of water play. Either way, the hours are happily spent playing, communicating, role-playing and relaxing.

We have found that since our two have grown up, using the tuff spot tray makes sensory play so much easier. It creates a larger surface area for them to share. They aren't ever crowding one another out. It is also quite shallow which means you don't need to spend quite so much on bits to fill it up with! You can line these trays with different liners to help you create the perfect setting for your imaginative ideas and you can even buy legs for it too. However, my favourite thing about the tuff spot tray is that it is flat, making it easy to store in the shed, garage, behind a sofa etc! This tray seems to have been the answer to all of our sensory play needs, now to the part where we fill it up…

What you will need for this autumn harvest sensory play:

This table brought about it unlimited play ideas. We had shredded wheat sleeping bags for the Playmobil people, how many scoops can I fit into my ice cream cone? who's digger is the strongest? leapfrogging lettuces, volcanoes/ the floor is lava, bury the veggies and they even made a park out of all of the loose parts. What lucky Playmobil people they were.

We hope your little ones love this sensory play idea as much as our two did. For a small amount of tidying up, this was so worth it for the number of hours of happy play it gave. Let us know your favourite sensory play ideas and tag us in on the social media. We love connecting and hearing all about your adventures too!

As with all of the crafts we share with you, we ask you to make sure that they are age appropriate for your little ones. Never leave them alone with items they can choke on or use sharp or unsafe objects during play. Stay safe little Journey Jellies.

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