Pumpkin Toilet Roll Craft

Hi guys! I wanted to stop by today and share a super quick and easy tutorial for making these lovely pumpkin decorations. If you want to jump straight into it then here is a quick video tutorial. Below you will find a step by step of what you will need and some awesome photos of the kid's pumpkins!

I love the season change. That moment when you feel the air getting a little crisper and the colours change from vibrant greens to rusty oranges. The instinct to cosy up and snuggle indoors kicks in. To slow things down and to make the home feel like a nest, all warm and welcoming.

It is always so tempting at this time of year to adorn the house with embellishments and trinkets found in the shops to honour the autumn, Halloween or Christmas. However, being a minimalist at heart and conscious of our footprint on the planet I prefer to try and make and collect things from nature first and foremost.

Today's craft is affordable, reusable and won't clog up your attic when you are finished with them. We are using simple household and nature-related items that can be taken apart and rebuilt each year if you choose.

I love finding a craft that is not only eco-friendly, practically free but also one that the children can do completely by themselves. There is no hot glue gun, no staples, no need for adult supervision in any way. You can leave them with a selection of fabrics to get their creative juices flowing and let them go on their merry way of decorating your home. (Perhaps hide the neon fabric though, you do have to stare at it all autumn after all!)

What you will need:

  • Fabric (approximately 18x18 inches)

  • A thick piece of twig

  • A smaller piece of fabric to represent the leaves

  • A toilet roll


  1. Unroll a few rounds of toilet paper and then roll them back up loosely creating a more rounded shape to the roll.

  2. Pop your toilet roll into the centre of your fabric and pick up the edges and pop them into the centre of the roll.

  3. Take your twig stem and tie your leaves fabric around it.

  4. Pop it into the centre of your pumpkin and voila! Enjoy!

I hope you have as much fun with this craft as we did. These little beauties are adorning each and every corner of my home at lightning speed but at least when we are finished with them we will have plenty of toilet paper to last us throughout the autumn!

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