The Lost Book of Adventure Review

"When you next feel the wind brush by, think about where it has come from and where it goes.

Some of it has touched the tops of mountains deep within the Sahara. Some carries the fragrant pine scent from the vast Siberian Taiga forests. Or perhaps it has come from the yawning jaws of a lion on the African grasslands. Every breeze brings a story of its journey.

If you listen hard enough, you can hear its whisper. It is the quiet call to adventure, asking you to step into the wild."

The Lost Book of Adventure


Four years ago the editor of this beautiful book was travelling through a remote part of the Amazon when they stumbled across an old hut. Inside that hut they found an old metal case which contained a collection of notebooks, journals and sketches. It was a lifetimes work of an unknown artist and adventurer. The findings of that case have been carefully restored and edited over the last 2 years to create this wonderful book. The Lost Book Of Adventure.


This book contains so many fascinating facts. Have you ever wondered how to survive in the wild? How would you build a shelter? How to find food? Maybe you would love to know how to build a raft or maybe just learn how to pack an explorers backpack? There are things in this book that will inspire you to lean towards the wild side. A call to freedom, a need to explore. This book has certainly made us look at the world in a different way and even more than that has enlightened us to document our adventures to learn and grow from them. (Check out our own adventure journal below this review!)

This is a book that leaves its mark. Once it's been opened its story and its heart will leave a print on you. A feeling that's left like a distant memory being recollected or a stirring in your gut as if something exciting is about to happen. I can't shake the feeling of wanting to be brave and to push further than the every day and I'm truly grateful to Quarto books for gifting us this unforgettable book.


Here is one of our recent videos. It is a day in the life unschooling video but it is the day that we received this fantastic title. I show you a wonderful glimpse inside and you'll see from this video how Pops could not put it down all day! It is so beautifully illustrated that you get drawn into this exciting diary of adventures. A timeless book that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are being called to live out your own adventure then Quarto are holding a fantastic competition right now. Their challenge is to give this book adventures of its own! This book has already been to the very top of a snowy peak and high up into the English mountains. But where would you take your copy? Quarto want you to take your book to the most wonderful places all around the world and photograph its travels. Whoever takes the most amazing photo in the most adventurous location will win a custom signed painting from the Unknown Adventurer!

To enter the competition:
1. Tag @Quartokids on Instagram with your photo of your book in an adventurous place.
2. Use the hashtag #themostadventurousbookintheworld
3. They will pick the winner on 30th August 2019

If you're feeling double adventurous then tag them into a second photo or video of you reviewing the book in the wild using #extremebookreview to enter a special draw.

You can follow Quarto on Instagram here or buy your copy of the book from our Amazon Affiliate link here. We get a little kick-back from any purchases you make but it costs you nothing extra!

Our own adventures

We decided to take our book away with us on our most recent beach holiday. We visited small coves, waterfalls and deserted beaches. We even found a bird skull during one of our explorations! This book certainly inspired us to dig a little further, walk a little farther and say yes a whole lot more. Here are the photos of where we took our book and the beginning of our own book of adventures. Enjoy!!

Our own book of adventure

Our own book of adventure

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