Origin Of Species Book Review/Seed Paper Tutorial

Today's book project has been inspired by the wonderful "Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species" by Sabina Radeva.

Sabina Radeva is a graphic designer and illustrator. Radeva graduated from the Molecular Biology M.Sc. programme at Max Planck Institute, Germany and her passion for words art and science leap off of every page.

This book was a wonderful gift sent to us from Puffin Books and as soon as I lay eyes on it I fell in love. It is completely the type of book that we love to use as part of our children home education. It is utterly beautiful and full of so many wonderful facts. I know this will be the most cherished book for many years to come. So, let's get into it, shall we?

The book begins by taking is right back in history. Explaining to us how very different things looked before humans were around and how over time many species have evolved from one thing to another.

The book goes into detail about Darwin's travels his family and his work. It explains how he studied animals and the evidence that brought him his conclusions on evolution. How simple variations in colour or breed of different animals explain how they came to be today but how they could just as simply have come from the same original source!

We learn that breeding and cultivation of certain animals and plants can force how the future of these species will look. How certain attributes of animals or plants can decide the future of their breed. By just having a specific beak that is better at breaking open seeds or a plant that is less likely to be eaten by a type of insect can affect the evolution of tomorrows species. All of these wonderful snippets of information and stunning imagery make each of these lessons so very easy to absorb.

This fascinating book held me captivated from start to finish. We have spent hours pouring over the quotes, facts and imagery and I know for sure we will return to this time and time again.

I found it incredibly hard to narrow down the many book project ideas I had for this story. The pages got my creative juices flowing and I know this won't be the only book craft that we use this title for. (I have sooo many ideas!!) However, I have managed to narrow it down for today's post and so here we are with our homemade seed paper.

After reading the book it became very clear to me how today's actions can effect tomorrows outcomes so, I wanted to come up with an idea that the kids could see had a cause and effect.

The book itself is lined with some amazing pictures of butterflies and inside it explains how butterfly patterns can evolve over time. So, my mind wandered to butterfly crafts. I then got to thinking about how important bees are to the survival of our planet and how over the years of evolution they are diminishing by the hundreds due to our lack of respect for the planet. That was when the idea was born. Let's create a bee and butterfly friendly wild patch in our garden!

So, here we have it. Seeded paper that you and your little ones can gift and then plant. Spreading the important message of looking after these precious species and reminding them in the summer of this amazing story. Watching all of the different species of flowers bursting from the earth and feeling proud while they watch the bees and butterflies dance and hum over the colourful petals.

This craft is perfect for Spring and is a fantastic way to celebrate evolution. If you too want to link this craft to this wonderful title then you can find it here

Seeded paper gift tags


What you will need:

  • 3 sheets of A4 white paper

  • 3 sheets of yellow tissue paper

  • 1 cup of water

  • 1 cooling rack

  • A tray

  • Small rolling pin or glass jar

  • 1 piece of mesh fabric eg muslin, cheesecloth or carpet gripper like we used. (You could also use a mesh splash guard or other sieve-like fabric.)

  • 4 pegs

  • Food processor

  • 1 packet of bee or butterfly friendly wildflower seeds



  1. Prepare your sieving area by pegging your chosen fabric onto a cooling rack.

  2. Pop the rack over a tray to catch the leaking water.

  3. Rip up the papers into small squares and add them to the food processor.

  4. Pour over the water and allow to soak for 30 minutes.

  5. Blitz up the paper mixture into a fine pulp.

  6. Stir through the seeds.

  7. Spoon the mixture onto your fabric and spread out with your roller until flat and thin. (It will thin a little more once dry.)

  8. Allow drying for a couple of days. (You can speed up this process if every so often you press excess liquid out with a clean, dry tea towel.)

  9. Once dry cut out your chosen shapes.

  10. Punch a hole in and thread with a ribbon if you are using as a gift tag.


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