Robot Play-dough

For those of you who know us well, you'll be well aware of Fins love of robots. It started many moons ago and became so much of a love affair that we even made a video about it! I have been researching robot crafts and have found plenty of tinker trays which he thoroughly enjoys but I wanted to find something different. His original passion for robots stemmed from a mix and match game that he has. That was when I came up with the idea of a design your own play-dough robot craft.

What you will need:

Set up an inviting station for your little ones. Use their favourite colours for the play-dough, add in any accessories that you think the robots may look nice in or even bring along a book or two to help you come up with your robots names or uses. Make it a fun design session for the whole family. Enjoy!!

As with all of the crafts we share with you, we ask you to make sure that they are age appropriate for your little ones. Never leave them alone with items they can choke on or use sharp or unsafe objects during play. Stay safe little Journey Jellies.

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