How To Make Paper Flowers / Mother's Day Gift Idea

For anyone who is even half as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, I'm sure you've seen these magnificent balls of paper flowers. If you, like me, thought they would be way too challenging to try I am here to tell you that actually, they are super simple!

I bit the bullet one day and decided to give them a whirl and I am so glad that I did. We have used these flowers to decorate the house, embellish a girls sleepover, adorn bath salt jars and yes, to decorate gifts for people too.

These flowers would be perfect for your little ones to make for mothers day.  They could be turned into a bunch of flowers, decorate a breakfast in bed tray or simply sit on top of their homemade gifts.

What you need to make one flower:


Lay the paper sheets on top of one another.


Put a fold one centimetre into the square and then fold over and repeat this process. (Use the instruction photo's as a guide.)


Once you have folded up all of the tissue secure the centre with a pipe cleaner.


Cut the edges of the tissue paper either rounded or pointed depending on which type of flower you prefer. (See photo.)

Pointed (left) Rounded (right)

Pointed (left) Rounded (right)


Then one piece of tissue at a time, gently lift upwards to form petals.


Continue until all of the petals have been formed.



Tag us into your social photos. I'd love to see what floral beauties you and your little ones make too!

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