We Visited The Eden Project!

I'm so excited to share today's post with you guys. What started out as a last minute decision to head south turned out to be a wonderful family break away that we will cherish always.

We had finally had enough of the long, cold winter and decided it was time to head somewhere to soothe the soul and warm the skin. Since we were a long way from being able to afford a plane ticket to somewhere warm and sunny we decided the next best thing would be to head down to The Eden Project in Cornwall! 


For those of you who have never visited The Eden Project, I can best describe it as an extremely sensory experience. The heat, humidity, sounds, and smells transport you to another world and allow you to learn more about other countries by feel as much as by fact. To really grasp what our day felt like I will include our latest Youtube video as it really captures our experience of The Eden Project very accurately.

The Eden Project is a collection of gardens from around the world. Many of the gardens are outdoors and on a good day, you could spend a whole day outside enjoying learning about all of the plants and observing the natural wildlife. 

The main events for us are the giant biomes that house the world of the Mediterranean and the rainforest. Inside each biome, there is an abundance of sensory pleasure and fantastic opportunities. Our two enjoyed sitting in the Mediterranean and sketching all of the plants whilst listening to the birds singing and smelling the fragrant citrus trees flourishing. There is a gentle calmness in there making it a wonderful place to sit quietly and just observe. It is an even warm temperature in there and not nearly as oppressive as the rainforest. There is also a restaurant in this biome but I believe it is only open during the busier seasons.

In the rainforest, your ears are filled with the sounds of the great waterfall gushing. Your skin prickles from the humid clouds forming and you feel like you are at one with the plants, breathing together whilst being enveloped in a hug of sweet and fresh smells. As you rise up towards the top of the biome you can look out over the top of the rainforest canopy and understand the true scale of the magnificent world they have built. There is a cooling room on the descent and drinking fountains dotted around, allowing time to cool if needs be and also a baobab juice bar to help hydrate and feel extra connected to the rainforest plants. This was our favourite part about the whole trip as it really does make you feel like you're somewhere else in the world. It gives you that healing feeling you get when you've been away on holiday. 

If you yourselves are considering a visit to The Eden Project my advice is to take a spare change of clothing as it can get quite sticky in the biomes on sunny days (even if it’s cold outside) and if your kids are anything like mine then they will probably stick their heads under the drinking fountains to cool off and come out dripping wet!

Fin looking hot and sweaty but still incredibly cool!

Fin looking hot and sweaty but still incredibly cool!

In terms of food and drinks, they have a huge selection of foods and a more than adequate choice of vegan foods. As with all attractions, they can be quite pricey but the quality is very good and I defy you not to be tempted by the open kitchen smells that fill the space between the biomes throughout the day. There are plenty of places both indoors and outdoors to eat if you wanted to bring your own foods though. Just make sure you pack a drinks bottle as you will need to keep hydrated on the warmer days.

The beauty about buying a ticket for The Eden Project is that a one day ticket is actually valid for an entire year! They hold many events throughout the year so there will be plenty of opportunities to get your money's worth. We believe they even have an ice rink and light show in the winter months so we will be sure to return and report back on that. Be mindful that the weather outside does have a bearing on the temperature inside the biomes. We spent our visit over 2 days and the first day was much sunnier outside meaning the inside was far hotter than the second so, bring a selection of layers to be best equipped for the changing weather. (There are lockers near the car parks and a hanging rail outside the biomes for extra unwanted layers.)

If you're going as part of your home school then I suggest asking them first if they have a discount. I would make sure to pack a sketchbook, pencil, and rubber so that they can draw their findings. Maybe take along a few books to support the learning. We took a book about the rainforest, birds, habitats, and climate. Perhaps take a camera or device to record the sounds of the birds, and photos of specific plants. Encourage them to write down describing words, this will help to transport them back if you continue your project at home. Write down fruit names so that maybe you can do a taste testing session at home too. Or you can simply enjoy the day as they will learn so much just by being submerged into this new and exciting place. 

I hope we've inspired you to include this wonderful place into your family days out list. I know it will always be the top of my list (second only to the beach, of course) of favourite place to be in the UK. We will be going again soon as we have to discover so much more there!