Dinosaur Book Basket

Oh, I love sharing these book crafs with you guys. I think they are just one of the nicest activities to do with the kids and their faces light up when they come downstairs and find out that their first activity is a book basket.

This one I put together for Fin. I found this adorable story about a baby dinosaur still in its egg on the lookout for its real mummy. It goes through the book meeting different types of dinosaur and describing how it looks until it gets paired up with the correct parent. He was so excited to try and guess which dinosaur was hiding in the egg and was even more delighted to match up his toy dinosaurs with the pictures in the book.

His favourite dinosaur of all time is the Pterodactyl and he literally bounced up and down when the baby eggs identity was revealed. He then spent the next hour or so reading, matching and playing with his book basket.

Here is what you will need:

This is a beautiful way to reinforce a story in a child's mind. They get to recreate and invent new ideas around the story theme. Practice role play, word recognition and story rhythm. Adding in the play-doh helps practice fine motor skills and dexterity which will support their handwriting practice too! The glitter is optional because let's face it, it takes a brave kind of Mumma to bring out the glitter before breakfast but everything is a little more magic with sparkle am I right?

Let us know what your favourite stories are. Maybe we could come up with some book basket ideas or crafts for your favourite tales too!

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