New Experiences

As the children grow up I find it easy to overlook their 'firsts'. Their first smile, first words and first steps were all so long ago that it's easy to take new experiences for granted. This really hit home when we took the car through the car wash as Fin had never done it before. We usually wash the car by hand which he loves doing but with the weather being so cold we didn't think it was a good idea to subject his little hands to that kind of treatment.

I try to take my camera out with me whenever we leave the house just in case I manage to grab something interesting and I'm so glad I did on this occasion.


When you've done an automatic car wash a few times the magic of it soon disappears but it was apparent from Fin's expression that the magic was in the car with us. As we pulled the car up to the barrier he helped me out by letting me know when the light changed to 'stop' and I could tell the excitement was brewing. The large roller door in front of us came down and the car wash was in action. Water jets shot out at us and soaked the car with bubbly water ready for the rollers, which is the main event in my eyes.


I could see Fin watching the bubbles run down his window mesmerised by them but he was soon pulled away from them by the brushes spinning up and coming at the windscreen. His expression changed as they made contact with it. He seemed a little unsure now and as the side brushes swept across the front windows and doors he uttered a tiny "Mummy". Jo reached back and held his hand and gave him the reassurance he was after.

As the brushes made their way across his window he kept his gaze directly ahead, not wanting to look at the strange object just millimetres away from him. His and Pops' head spun around and waited for the roller to make its way down the back. For some reason seeing it out the back appeared to make Fin relax a bit more. He gladly watched out of the window on their pass to the front of the car.

During the drive back home he was super chatty about his new experience and even made his own little car wash for his cars when we got back. This was a new and exciting experience for him which is something that could easily be taken for granted.

I'll try my best not to overlook our children's 'firsts' from now on. In fact, I think as a family we should try and have countless more 'firsts' together.

Looks like I might need to clean the inside of the window too!

Looks like I might need to clean the inside of the window too!