Welcome to Real Family Journey. We are an unschooling vegan family of four on a journey towards a healthy, mindful and free style of living. We have created this platform to share educational ideas, healthy recipes and a thriving and friendly community.

We’ve been home educating our two beautiful children officially for the last 5 years but I guess you could say we started the day that they were born. We believe that life is full of learning and with every moment comes a chance for growth. This is how we evolved into unschoolers. We found that the children became passionate and curious about learning and with that brought about a freedom and excitement that we had not known before.

We started eating a vegan diet over three years ago now and we have become very passionate about health and nutrition. Understanding the importance of family meal times we like to share recipes that are great for everyone at the table. No fuss and simple ways of making small changes to improve your families health whilst helping you get the best out of your weekly budget!

Since making these changes in our lives we have become very focused on what’s important to us as a family. We have become more mindful of our actions and we enjoy growing both as individuals and as a family each day. So, if you fancy coming along for the crazy ride or making some changes yourself then please, welcome to the family!